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Hello and welcome to, the home of Strictly Vintage 2s on the web. This page will give you an overview of our site and hopefully get you started in your exploration.

The first thing that we should say is that this site is for anyone who is interested in vintage VW buses to use, not just club members. Everyone is welcome to participate in our discussions. The only thing that we ask is that you register before contribute to the conversations.

The site is divided into five sections. Home, Chapters, Club Stuff, Community, Pictures and New to SV2s. You go to these sections by clicking on the navigation bar along the top. Each of these sections has sub-sections that can also be accessed from the navigation bar. That's pretty straight forward, but it might help if you understand what is in each section.

Home: The front page of the site is labeled "Home". Within this section you'll find anything that allows you to navigate through the site, or to get basic information about the site. There's a "What's New" section that will tell you where the new stuff is since the last time you visited.We also included a "Coming Events" section to give you an idea of the club and non club VW events happening in the month

Chapters: Go here to find the chapter closest to you. Information on this page varies from the chapter rep name and contact information, meeting location, times and day of chapter meetings. We have 2 chapters, from San Diego & Orange County.

Club Stuff: This is where information regarding our Bus club lives. Everything from general info "About us", how to join, contact information on the current officers (Including their pictures) Upcoming SV2s shows, Discounters page, and the club bus. We even have a store where you can buy everything from t-shirts to newsletters to memberships!

Community: Community is what this site is all about. This is where you can talk with your fellow web surfers in our Forums. You can post or read classified ads. See what's going on in your neck of the woods in the Events section or which shows are a must-see. You can also check ot the Gallery and even post your own pictures. The Calendar section will be usefull to you to get specific information about VW shows. There's even a special feature that shows you who else is logged into the site the same time you are.

***********If you are new to the site, you must register an account to participate in the forums. Once you have created an account, you will need to be activated by an administrtator of the site to use the forums. If your account is not activated within a week, plese send an e-mail to and your account will be activated.************


Disclaimer when using the forums
Please make sure that only appropriate content is posted on the forums, pictures, coments, and appropriate content only in the community. This is a Family-Oriented Club, and many of our members browse this site, with their kids. So please be cognizant of this fact. Inappropriate content will be deleted by the forum administrators IMMEDIATELY!!!!


Pictures: Check out pictures of events that SV2s attends every year. We have pictures starting from 2004 and on.


New to SV2s: Well, that's where we are now! Help is where you can find answers to common questions about buses, VWs or the web site itself. You'll notice that throughout the forums there are places for you to leave comments. These comments will be seen by everyone else who comes to that page, so if you have something to add to the article, event listing or classified don't be afraid to speak up!


We're a community and we value your opinion. Just keep in mind that we are a family site!
That's about it for the overview. The best way to get used to the site is by using it! Log in and take advantage of the information at your fingertips!

Thank you for your understanding